Core Meeting Hours

School ‘Core Meeting Hours’ policy 

The School operates a core meeting hours’ policy to maximise the opportunities for all staff and postgraduate students to participate in meetings and other activities within the School (e.g., committee meetings, seminars, training events). All activities that staff members and postgraduate students are required to attend, or might wish to attend, are normally held between 9.30am-3.30pm (Mon-Fri). At the present, core meeting hours do not include scheduled teaching, due to timetable limitations. Individual meetings between staff members, or between staff and postgraduates students, can be scheduled outside of these core meeting hours, provided that the time suits all individuals involved. If one-off events are organised outwith core meeting hours, long periods of notice are expected (e.g., at least four weeks), and consideration should be given to how those with family/caring responsibilities or other commitments might be supported to attend.

Revised 3.5.17